Image Processing

Thermal Image Processing

High speed image processing from infrared and visible cameras.

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Automation and Control

Hardware, Firmware & Software

From start to end, we control every aspect of the development

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Automation and Control

Control and Automation

Process development with the best fitting solutions to your requirements

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Introducing the Scanning Optic SO3

Whether you're working with stainless steel, aluminum, copper, or other high reflective metals, our machine delivers consistent results, surpassing traditional welding methods.

  • Laser welding of material including high reflective metals
  • Surface treatment
  • Laser processing of coatings
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Scanning Optic SO3

Let us know about your projects and ideas, we will find the right solution.

We develop our core technology in house, staying flexible to customer demands and reducing our dependency to third-party technological solutions.

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The XVIII Laser Materials Processing Conference

The XVIII Jornadas Laser Workshop is part of the IX International Laser Week to be held on october 2024.

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